Rain out?

Games are not cancelled by coaches; it is the decision of the Albion Juniors Director and Staff. Games are only cancelled for lightning and/or flooded fields. Rain, sleet, wind, and snow do not stop soccer. Please dress appropriately for the weather.  

If lightning is visible and thunder is heard, the games will be paused for up to 30 minutes while everyone takes cover. During this pause, no one can remain on the fields. However, do not head home unless the games have been called and officially canceled. Oftentimes, a game that is delayed can be restarted and completed after the pause. However, if bad weather persists, games will be called by the Director and Staff at that time.

In general, Albion Juniors Staff Members will always be watching the weather. If it appears that the games will be canceled, we will try to do it 30 minutes prior to the game by contacting the coaches, emailing all players, and posting it on our Facebook page. If you have not been called by your coach or contacted by us about a cancellation, show up to play in the games as scheduled.