Picture Day

Get those smiles ready! It is time to start thinking about capturing your childʼs soccer memories. Albion Juniors has contracted with Lesly Photography for various services, including photography, video, and/or awards for Albion Juniors teams. If your team is interested in having team photos or trophies, we encourage you to consider using Lesly Photography to save time and money, as pictures are taken in the natural sunlight on the actual fields where your child plays. Lesly Photography provides a product-offering sheet for your review. Albion Juniors recommends that you have your team parent review this sheet and contact Lesly Photography with any questions.  

PLEASE NOTE: As a courtesy, Albion Juniors emails all players the picture schedule that Lesly Photography gives to us. However, Albion Juniors is not involved with the scheduling, ordering, distributing of pictures/trophies. For this reason, we ask coaches and parents to direct all inquiries and issues to Lesly Photography, NOT to the Albion Juniors league. 

Contact: Lesly De la Hoya
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